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HJC Design has developed an inspiring new range of kitchenware for Peel UK, including this visually stunning coffee machine.

Striking Aesthetics
The main aesthetic centrepiece of this unique coffee machine are the elegantly crafted surfaces that peel away to reveal an eye-catching waterfall of rich coffee.
Inspired by the drip of flowing coffee, the stimulating rippled stainless steel base plate helps the user locate their coffee mug for brewing.

Both the top and bottom plates are crafted from pressed stainless steel, with their edges falling away into a sea of soft blue light surrounding them. 
Ergonomic Considerations
Brewing coffee on dark mornings is made easier by soft glowing LED bands and a simplified user interface that lights up the room with colour.
The perpendicular surfaces and sharp rear corner sit impeccably within the kitchen environment, disguising the internal piping structure which transports the boiled water from the base.
The stainless steel hot plates are encircled by glowing LED bands of soft blue light to indicate when the machine is brewing.
Design Features
Intricate 3D lines seamlessly link the upper and low halves of the machine through an un
broken jet black polished band that contrasts with the satin matte body construction.
Performance features include a 1.5L removable water reservoir, a steamer, and settings for single or double strength.

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