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Bird Nest Restaurant in Thailand (video)

Restaurant at the Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand that has tree pod dining is certainly a crazy idea for a restaurant. The resort has created a pod that fits in a tree and overlooks the resort and surrounding area. The pod looks like a birds nest or clam contraption sitting on the side of a very high looking tree. The tree pod dining clam can fit up to four people and you can only access the very isolated perch from a zip line. I just feel badly for the poor resort staff who have to serve that restaurant! What if you’re afraid of heights? Having said that, I would love to try out that restaurant, but they should probably hold the alcohol.

[Source- Toxeltrendhunter]

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SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle

SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle comes from Focus Designs. Riding unicycle can be a bit challenging since we are not circus performers. You need around 20-30 minutes to learn riding this bike but once you master it, the company promises that riding SBU V3 will be as easy as walking. This unicycle is equipped with Turn Assist and Smart Sense technology where it actively learns about your motions and performs unique calculations to ensure your safety every second you ride. The main key is its sensors, the multiple 3-axis accelerometers and gyros offer you a great ride like no other. Each of this unicycle is crafted from 6061 alloy by hand.

iPhone controlled Scanomat Coffee Faucet

This Coffee Faucet machine isScanomat's largest bean-to-cup machine. Unlike other coffee machines, this has got the focus on energy saving, uncompromising coffee quality and user friendliness. Brew unit that can be removed in seconds for cleaning & maintenance. It has a unique adjustable tamper system that may compete with leading Baristas. Speedy high volume serving: 6 cups in 20 seconds, 5 cups of instant coffee and 1 ground coffee. 3 heaters, built-in water tank of 5 litres – used whenever high volume carafe serving is required. The smallest milk foaming device yet seen, developed by Scanomat. The milk is kept cooled until it reaches the frother ensuring freshness and excellent hygiene.

Infiniti LE Concept showcased at 2012 New York Motor Show

Nissan’s luxury car division, Infiniti, unveiled the LE, its all-electric luxury sedan concept at the ongoing 2012 New York Motor Show. The car maker’s first effort at a zero-emission luxury sedan, the LE concept is expected to reach Infiniti showrooms by 2014. “In a future that holds an increasing consumption of natural resources, we will advance our sustainable mobility leadership and expand out EV market penetration with new electric vehicles such as the Infiniti LE concept,” said Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn. “Infiniti is well positioned to deliver, the objectives for a sustainable future, relying on our capable, hard working and motivated team members around the world. We are a challenger.”

The electric vehicle concept boasts of the company’s signature design cues with aerodynamics suited to an EV and is mated to compact lithium-ion battery technology. Smart hospitality, next-gen Infiniti connection, personal assistant and EV connected services and wireless charging system are the list of features that are expected to be in the production ready car. Overall, the LE concept is as long as the Infiniti G sedan, supporting the company’s belief that electric vehicles does not have to mean small in size. “The LE Concept’s bold exterior is defined by its underlying high performance. It is first and foremost an Infiniti, born of our philosophy of Inspired Performance. Rather than taking EV and adding an Infiniti badge, we are taking an Infiniti and removing the tailpipe,” said Infiniti Americas vice president Ben Poore.
 Distinctive design cues, such as the signature double arch grille and crescent cut-pillar are mated to EV aerodynamic efficiency to create a sleek, emotional silhouette. The shoulder line that runs from the front to the rear expresses a dynamic, flowing movement. All the attention to detail has brought down the coefficient of drag to 0.25 implying a better range on the road ready car. The batteries are placed under the passenger compartment floor to provide a low centre of gravity for enhanced handling and added boot space.

While the detailed information on the production-ready vehicle is yet to be revealed, the company has ascertained that an electric vehicle may not be small in size and luxury and zero emissions can go hand-in-hand. For India, electric vehicles are still immature. However, it is just a matter of time that vehicles like the Infiniti LE concept will make to the country’s shores and evolve a new segment where luxury does not need to have a tailpipe.


Frog eBike – the Electric Successor to 1985 Frog FZ750 Concept

San Francisco-based Frog Design released images of a new electric motorcycle concept, just as its influential Yamaha FZ750-based Rana concept gets enshrined at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Frog designer Jin Soek Hwang prepared the Frog eBike concept as an expression of how electric motor technology can influence motorcycle design. In a post on Frog’s blog, the designer says he was inspired in part by Frog’s 1985 FZ750 Rana concept (pictured after the jump).
The Frog Rana was designed by the company’s founder Hartmut Esslinger and made the covers of magazines from Cycle World to Business Week. The iconic Rana design was influential for its time, helping lead to the design of the Honda Hurricane.

The new electric concept is highlighted by the large open space where one would expect to find a traditional motorcycle engine, symbolically representing the technological shift from internal combustion power to electric.
The eBike’s electric motor is actually located in the hubless rear wheel. The batteries would be located in the lower part of the chassis beneath the open space, helping lower the center of gravity. The handlebars are fixed to the chassis so instead of physically moving the front end, the eBike uses electronic fly-by-wire steering. Other features include , an OLED digital display and online connectivity. The Frog eBike would be accompanied by a helmet equipped with heads-up display with retina tracking.

Design project Fuso Concept II by Mitsubishi Fuso Co.

FUSO-Concept II” is a design concept model of a heavy-duty truck eying the commercial vehicles market in 2032, the 100th anniversary year of the Fuso brand. “The commercial vehicles industry in twenty years will see the Asian transportation network fully interconnected to Europe." said Mr. Gustav Tuschen, MFTBC Vice President of Product Engineering. "In addition to this, advanced technologies will also see a leap, such as realization of automated vehicle formation driving and significant advance in battery and fuel cell technologies.” Based on such predictions, FUSO-Concept II foresees trucks on the Asian Highway AH1 connecting Tokyo and Istanbul in 2032.

It is designed to improve aerodynamics and payload efficiency and included such features as solar panel-generated hybrid technology and adoption of automated vehicle formation driving mode. The streamlined front end and efficient back will significantly reduces air resistance. For an even greater effect, the cabin and cargo compartment combined into a one part. The cabin itself has a panoramic glass which provides excellent visibility and comfort for the driver.


Meet Project Glass: Google’s Siri For Your Eyes

Google itself has confirmed this asProject Glass, complete with a video of what they might be able to do.
The video is pretty cool. You see someone starting their day, getting information about subway closures, walking directions with heads-up display of turns to take, speaking to the glasses to make a reminder to buy concert tickets, speaking to take a picture, taking a phone call with video and more.
Watch it yourself below:

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