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“Windows Of Opportunity”, by GM & Bezalel Future

“Windows Of Opportunity – WOO” is an interactive car windows project, fruit of the collaboration between GM and the students of the “Future Lab” Masters Course at theBezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. The project focuses on transforming car windows into interactive displays and to create an enriched experience for the backseat passengers.

Full-scale prototypes are now functional. The technology used is named Eyeclick and combines motion and optical sensors. Different applications are in development.
One of the most interesting is “Spindow”: after selecting a city from a spinnable globe, the user can look in real-time at the window view of other users around the world. The destination landscape is overlain on their window.
Another application features an animated travel companion, “Otto”, offering an educational experience. The creature also provides lights and is controlled with gestures.

See in-depth presentation with the video.


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