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Inspired by James Bond, ABJ Q business jet packs sophistication and technology

Falko, a new UK based aviation asset manager, has teamed up with UK’s leading design consultancy Design Q to unveil their latest design- The Avro Business Jet, at the NBAA 2011 Annual Meeting and Convention in Las Vegas. Design Q is already become popular in the aviation circle with its innovative and futuristic aircraft designs. Gary Doy, Director of Design Q launched this new design titled ‘ABJ Q’ stating that James Bond is their inspiration behind this design, and describes the plane as one James Bond would have liked to own. The executive version of the Avro regional jets are named so as a homage to Q, who designs secret gadgets for James Bond.
ABJ Q aims to challenge the preconceived ideology of luxury in a business jet, and has kept in mind the nature of James Bond movies- hidden technology and gadgets. The furniture are designed specifically to emphasize on the technological qualities of the design. Gadgets are hidden within the furniture, and can be accessed when needed. Modified seats replace the traditional look of the seat architecture, made from the most comfortable leather. The sofas have a detachable backrests which adds to the comfort provided.
The controls in the lounge allows the owners to modify the cabin settings according to their own wishes. The bulkheads hides a refreshment centre and hidden monitors. This design, fifth in its series focuses on the office environment, and therefore has a central cabin for an open plan office. The aesthetics of the plane has been planned very carefully, with different types of lighting and focus lights provided according to the ambiance. Flat panel lights promises to give a complete day light environment for work. Security also has been taken care of, with a safe provided to store important documents. This safe can only be accessed through finger print recognition.
Falko and Design Q have also introduced other variants depending upon the needs of different individuals and groups. Thus, this is a groundbreaking concept by Design Q which caters to a wide strata of the society.


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