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Jaguar XKX concept

Jaguar XKX concept is a new generation electric roadster by design studio Skyrill and Marin Myftiu, inspired by the legendary Jaguar E-Type (1961-75).
“The XKX Jaguar is a new generation electric roadster, aimed at pushing both performance and power efficiency to a new level. This concept tries to revive the glorious design lines of the brand, combining fresh solutions, a unique, new aerodynamics, tailored around the electrical elements of the power system as well as cutting-edge energy feedback.”

The aerodynamics of the concept car was designed in a new innovative way, the side deflector intakes of the front were made broader, so a much larger amount of air does not get stuck by the engine, instead, it flows behind the front wheels.
One of the main characteristic feature of the Jaguar XKX is the totally disappearing side mirrors. At about 1cm thickness, the mirrors perfectly fit the shallow hatch made in the door piece when the car is stopped and they unfold again in working position when it’s turned on.
In addition the body of the XKX is covered by a layer with microscopic ripples of piezoelectric cells, which, stimulated by the pressure of the air flowing over them.

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