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New skyscraper in Mumbai to get floating pool balconies

Mumbaikars are in for a treat. Real estate firm Wadhwa Group is all set to construct two new exclusive residential towers in the Borivali district of Mumbai that will feature the stunning and futuristic vision created especially for the skyscrapers by cyber architect James Law. Apart from the regular state of the art features that help the building reduce energy consumption like energy efficient glass facades, the modern design of the eco friendly residential complex will also feature swimming pools integrated into standard balconies.

Fitted at the edge of each apartment's balcony, the series of swimming pools are one of the most stunning and most ambitious architectural features to have ever been attempted anywhere in the world for a residential building.
Apart from the eye-popping feature, the Aquaria Grande residential complex boasting of two 37-storey towers will feature an enormous car park with three levels of vehicle parking space, a sustainable podium garden and a fully equipped clubhouse with a gym and sauna to sustain the luxury lifestyle of Mumbai’s elite. Each of the 200 apartments in the complex is fitted with features that allow optimum cross ventilation and natural light from three sides.
Construction of the luxuriant residential towers is already underway and we expect it to be home to the crème de la crème of Mumbai’s social elite upon completion.

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