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Technology and intuition coupled under aged palms

This mouse-like device has been designed by Jae Won Chang and comes with hi tech facilities like touch screen, LED module and vibration motor. The gadget is run by two AA batteries and has been crafted in recycled plastic and TPE. It can prove to be a great help to senior citizens as you can set various reminders like doctor’s appointment, family events, etc on this mouse. It can also be synced with cloud calendar to ring a bell about important daily schedules that you might forget.
Another attractive feature about this intuitive mouse is that you can make it understand your communication patterns to notify about messages only from close relationships. It also apprises you of Facebook Notifications, chat messages and even video chat invitations. Viper alerts you with a slight pulse and an LED light whenever you get a new e-mail or a message from your favorite contacts. To view the email you just have to graze your finger across the icon on the Viper and internet browser will automatically open that email on your computer screen. In short, this mouse is a complete package to keep you updated with all the important schedules and to keep in touch with your loved ones despite of your growing age.

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